As an organization, it can be difficult to make strategic decisions. Even in the age of the internet, getting valuable advice on strategic planning and business alignment can be a challenge. This is especially true for businesses and companies looking to implement major business or technology changes. This is where professional business services from In Touch can help.

It and management consulting services

Management Consulting:

In Touch strives to work with your organization to produce
desired results. Our services help organizations improve their performance by analyzing existing organizational problems and developing plans for improvement. We take a collaborative approach to consulting to add both subject matter expertise
and industry best practices to help your organization reach its desired goals. In Touch’s management consulting services include strategic planning, organizational development, organizational change management, facilitation, ROI and Project
Selection analysis and succession planning.

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Project Management:

The discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources brings about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Based on industry best practices, our project management strategies ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget and conforming to business requirements and objectives. Our services within the project management umbrella include PMO and EPMO Establishment, program management, project management, training and corporate business mentoring services. Our project managers are adept at navigating a variety of project management paradigms
including waterfall, iterative, and agile methodologies.

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Implementation Support:

Proper implementation of strategies and technology
solutions are critical to project success. From customized training to quality testing, In Touch provides a variety of support activities to ensure that projects meet the needs of the customer and are effectively rolled out to end-users. These support activities include customized training, technology consulting, quality assurance, and data mapping and conversion services.

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Process Improvement:

A systematic approach to improve business processes helps organizations achieve more efficient results. Our consultants are ready to work closely with your organization to achieve real improvement within both IT and business processes. In Touch works with businesses in establishment, training, and change management.

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When to use it and management consulting services

In Touch’s IT and Management Consulting services can be used by any organization at any point in their business’ life. Consider taking advantage of our services if your business is undergoing the following:

  • Your business is just starting out and needs help with process improvement and implementation support services.
  • Your business is undertaking a major restructure or transition and needs additional expertise to implement these changes.
  • Your business is facing immediate problems in security, workflow efficiency, etc. and needs professional help to identify the sources of these issues.
  • Your business is stagnating in growth and needs help transitioning or restructuring to a new system.
  • Your business requires a third-party independent verification or validation perspective.

At In Touch, we develop solutions to meet your business needs. Best practice methodologies right sized to provide value to your organization coupled with professional consultants with real-world experience in a variety of industries are key.

benefits of in touch's professional services

In Touch’s professional services have helped businesses of all industries and sizes, partnering them up with the right consultants for their needs. With analytical experience, technical expertise and other services such as organizational change management, our core
service offerings have helped organizations achieve more in their business systems, improving the way they conduct business. With these professional services, organizations can benefit from:

  • Fortified Practices: IT and Management Consulting services work from the ground up, researching your business’ processes and practices to identify the weakest points, both in IT and in management. By identifying these weak points and developing comprehensive, long-term solutions, In Touch gives your business the tools you need to fortify your business practices for the long-term, mitigating risk, increasing efficiency and improving the value of your business to its stakeholders.

  • Minimized Risks: Both IT and Management Consulting services are designed to identify major risks in your business, whether they are data vulnerabilities or problematic management practices. In Touch helps eliminate as many risks as possible with each of our core service offerings, reworking your business to increase value and retire potentially costly practices.

  • Accessible Expertise: Most importantly, In Touch hires only the best consultants and technicians, ensuring our professional business services are of the utmost quality.

In short, whether you’re in search of anything from professional organizational change services to business mentoring programs, In Touch has the solutions you need. Our best practices and quality resources ensure you get the most out of our services every time, bringing real results for years to come.