Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a practice that helps facilitate change in an organization by identifying needs and determining potential solutions, ultimately improving the business’ value. In Touch offers this type of services to help organizations achieve more with their resources.

Business Analysis Services

With the completion of more than 100 successful projects using In Touch’s approach to projects, In Touch has produced and retained a library of various practices, tools and templates to assist clients in their needs. This gives us a unique opportunity to pull these practices, tools and templates from our existing library and, if necessary, customize to align with any existing methodology.

Additionally, In Touch offers training for organizations seeking frequent long-term solutions to their business needs. This allows businesses to execute smaller scale analyses for maintenance and continuation purposes. Our Business Analysts can work at any level of an organization, helping to define strategies, develop or alter enterprise structures, define goals and promote continuous improvement throughout the organization. In essence, In Touch will help you develop employees who will continue to push your business forward.

Benefits of in touch's services

In Touch’s established system of business analysis services has helped hundreds of businesses achieve greater results and functionality. Our services seek to help organizations improve the way they conduct business by analyzing each level of a business’ structure using analytical best practices. Our methodology helps businesses by:

Maximizing Value: The goal of business analysis is to identify problems that introduce unnecessary costs to a business’ operations and define solutions that will improve the business’ value to its stakeholders.

Providing Expertise: Most importantly, In Touch employs a team of highly trained and certified business analysts with specialized knowledge in the field. We’re trained to help businesses, not only by analyzing their business, but also by promoting solutions we know will help.

Identifying Weaknesses: Effective business analysis can be used to determine the parts of a business’ process that add little to the organization’s value. By quantifying this lack of value, the process articulates the need for the business to change its processes to stakeholders and managers.

In short, business analysis is valuable for its ability to improve processes, reduce costs, identify needs and opportunities, and express these in a quantifiable manner. At In Touch, we make the process even more valuable through our use of high-quality resources and business analysis best practices. We’ll combine our expertise with our extensive knowledge of business solutions to develop a unique set of solutions custom-fitted for your organization and designed to optimize processes in the long-term.

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