SAP Implementation

SAP implementation can be a challenging and complex process, but it can have long-lasting effects on your business. Do SAP implementation right with SAP support and consulting services from In Touch. We will ensure optimal SAP functionality with high-quality implementation and integration.

SAP Implementation services

SAP software implementation is often a massive operation requiring numerous organizational changes that can take up to several years without the help of a specialist. In Touch’s SAP implementation consultants have the tools and expertise to help our clients implement SAP software more effectively and quickly. We do so by offering:

Training: Everyone in your organization is involved with your SAP solution, whether they are technical staff or simple users. Train your staff to use your SAP solution correctly so you get the most value come launch day.

Change Management: Guide your organization through the change process by preparing, equipping and supporting your staff members through the process. Implement your SAP solution as smoothly as possible with our change management solutions.

IT Support: Half of the challenge of implementing SAP is the IT expertise involved. In Touch can help with expert IT support that can help your organization integrate the system to fit your needs.

SAP Consulting: SAP consulting services are a continuation of implementation support, offering advice and expertise when needed.

With these implementation services and tools, businesses can get the most out of their SAP software and reach new heights of functionality and profitability.

Benefits of In Touch SAP implementation

In Touch’s comprehensive SAP support consulting services have helped several businesses achieve more with their SAP implementations. By changing SAP implementations, our services help companies improve the way they conduct business. Our SAP support services benefit businesses with:

  • Increased Productivity: Companies with effective SAP systems in place tend to see more productivity from their employees due to increased functionality and reduced redundancy. Instead of using multiple software systems to get work done, SAP consolidates these systems into a single solution, combining data from different departments to gain a more comprehensive view of your business. With this system, your employees can focus on their work rather than their platform.

  • Cost Savings: By consolidating several software programs into one, SAP reduces software costs for businesses. Additionally, increased productivity and reduced 40 redundancy cuts labor costs. Both factors combine to minimize costs and increase profits for your business.

  • Consistent Operations: The consolidation of multiple software programs into one solution allows businesses to align strategies more completely, achieving more consistent operations. SAP does this by allowing everyone access to the same numbers, making it easy to understand what is going on in your business.

With these benefits, your business can’t afford not to implement SAP software into your systems. With In Touch, it’s easier than ever to achieve an excellent SAP implementation, and we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll give you a unique, custom-fitted solution that will help your business achieve more in the long-term.


Take the first step toward greater functionality with one of the best SAP implementation consulting firms in the United Arab Emirates ! Contact In Touch today to learn more about our SAP services and how they can benefit your productivity.