Organizational Development

Several factors go into the efficacy of an organization. One of these factors is the operation of the organization as a team. Organizational development services from In Touch focus on developing a group holistically, evaluating and enhancing their performance as an individual and as a group.

Organizational Development Services

In Touch starts the organizational development process with evaluation, identifying group and individual performance factors and targeting specific ways that such factors can be enhanced. These performance-enhancing methods include the following services:

Individual Services: Weaknesses at the individual level can be addressed and improved using several methods, including performance coaching and improvement, comprehensive feedback and career development plans.

Team Services: Groups of people working on project teams may discover inefficiencies and performance issues, many of which can be improved with team building, conflict resolution and work process mapping functions.

Organizational Services: Organizations can improve performance issues by implementing programs like employee recognition and survey programs, change management and strategic planning systems and by improving processes.

Company-wide training can also be used, though knowledge is only a small part of what our services target.

Benefits of in touch's Organizational development services

In Touch’s professional organizational development services have helped several businesses achieve more functionality with our methods and we can do the same for your business. Our services can help your organization improve the way you conduct business, allowing you to experience the following benefits:

Continuous Improvement: Our services can help companies take the first step in the process of continuous improvement, where organizations set up strategies for constant proactive action. This way, organizations set themselves up for success in the future.

Increased Communication: This type of development helps increase communication within an organization, identifying breakdowns and finding solutions that benefit the company as a whole. With better communication, your business can align efforts more closely with company goals, improve relationships with customers and gather feedback from both customers and employees on the direction of the company.

Employee Development: With this type of development comes employee development, as the success of an organization largely depends on the success of its employees. Organizational development not only focuses on training but also on team skills, improved communication and succession planning, helping your 23 employee base become the best it can be, working as a whole toward your organization’s success.

Increased Profit: Organizational development can also increase your profits, pushing your organization toward new and innovative ideas that can increase efficiency and profits. These profits are enhanced by factors like employee satisfaction, productivity and communication, all of which are focuses of organizational development efforts.

Essentially, professional organizational development services help make your business better through a variety of services working in tandem. In Touch’s services improve your business processes through the use of high-quality resources and industry-leading expertise, combining these factors to develop a custom-fit solution for your organization. Let us help you find long-term solutions to your organization’s biggest challenges.


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