Business Facilitation

Coordinating and running meetings can be an involved task, but it is essential for productivity. In Touch can help your business ensure the success of every meeting with our comprehensive business facilitation services. We’ll handle all the tasks needed to run a meeting, from participant communication to materials preparation, so your business can focus on the task of getting work done.

Business facilitation services

When your company needs a meeting to go well, ensuring the quality of that meeting can make a substantial difference in the outcome. Professional facilitation services handle all the tasks needed to organize and run a productive meeting, serving the needs of all groups involved so the groups themselves can focus on the purpose of the meeting.

At In Touch, we do everything but lead the session. We will complete tasks like:

Meeting Design: A well-focused meeting is more likely to succeed, which is why meeting design is an essential task in facilitation. In Touch consultants will meet with you to clearly define the goals and objectives of the meeting, helping to design the agenda and activities around them.

Participant Communication: A meeting is nothing without involved participants, which is where participant coordination is essential. We will facilitate communication between your groups, analyzing conversations to identify participants and their expectations for meeting design.

Location Coordination: Choosing the right location is another essential part of business facilitation. In Touch will help identify the right location for the meeting and design the layout of the room to comfortably meet the needs of the groups, agendas and activities involved.

Materials Preparation: Need write-ups to help move the agenda along? In Touch can help. Our technical writing team can help prepare the materials you need to bring everyone up to speed and move the conversation along in the direction you want.

These facilitation services serve the needs of your business whether you’re creating a partnership, exchanging ideas for a project or simply updating clients and partners on your business’ progress. In Touch’s facilitation services consulting will help your business brainstorm the best solutions for your meetings to ensure that you get the outcomes you need.

Benefits of in touch's business facilitation

In Touch’s business facilitation services have helped companies achieve more with their meetings, coordinating everything to create the perfect setting for a productive event. Our facilitation services benefit you by:

  • Providing Structure: Effective business meetings need to have structure, and In Touch will help you develop the meeting structure you need. We’ll brainstorm with you to hammer out the best agenda flow and activities to get your meeting moving and will provide you with the materials needed to make it happen. With this structure, you can minimize dead air and uncertainty and be ready to take on any problems in stride.

  • Managing Details: Details are essential in any meeting and the more important the meeting, the more details there are to plan for. In Touch will help your business handle them all by taking care of the more mundane tasks and consulting with you to identify any business-specific ones. With our help, you’ll be ready for anything.

  • Providing Expertise: Most importantly, In Touch’s business consulting team is highly experienced in business facilitation services, armed with the knowledge your business needs to have a productive meeting. We know exactly what needs to be done to facilitate a productive meeting and can support your business from day one through completion.

.These benefits make our business facilitation services invaluable for any company facing a major meeting. All you need to do is partner with In Touch Project Management Services and let us help you take your business meetings to the next level.


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