Organizational Change Management

Change is an inevitable part of business — how you handle it is what counts. Organizational Change Management (OCM) focuses on this aspect of business, developing effective strategies to manage your business as it transitions through an important change. In Touch helps businesses with this through comprehensive OCM consulting services.

Change management solutions

Organizational Change Management services from In Touch focus on developing comprehensive strategies to handle change, strategies that address your business’ unique needs. Some of the focuses of these services include:

Change Strategy: This aspect of change management defines the strategy with which change will be handled, defining the goals of the transition before designing the change program itself. This involves defining the timing of training sessions, implementations and assessments.

Behavior Change: This aspect of change management involves determining what’s expected from individuals in the organization in terms of behavior — for example, compliance with a new regulation, usage of a new system or operation within a new hierarchy.

Change Enablement: Enablement of change is a key service within change management, which involves engaging individuals in the change process to help align the state of the business with the goals set by the change strategy.

Change Tracking: Change tracking is a key part of change management, quantifying the amount of alteration experienced by an organization and comparing it to the goal amount of change. Most often, this includes using performance and behavior analytics.

In Touch helps manage change by monitoring these aspects and providing key support services to move the change process along.

Benefits of in touch's organizational change management services

In Touch’s OCM services are among our most important services — they have helped several businesses through some of their most difficult transitions. We not only help companies identify the changes they need to make, but also assist them in making those changes more seamlessly than ever before. Our change management services help businesses by:

  • Standardizing methods, processes, and procedures used for all changes
  • Facilitating changes efficiently and promptly
  • Maintaining proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of any changes

In short, In Touch’s change management consulting services help businesses implement change more effectively across the board, blending high-quality resources with experience to produce unique solutions for every client. Our change management consultants will set you up with the perfect solution for your organization so you know your transition will go as smoothly as possible for long-term success.


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