ERP Implementation

Too many businesses experience operational risks and inefficiencies following a failed ERP implementation. You can avoid the common pitfalls with professional ERP implementation services from In Touch Project Management Services.

ERP Implementation services

SAP software implementation is often a massive operation requiring numerous organizational changes that can take up to several years without the help of a specialist. In Touch’s SAP implementation consultants have the tools and expertise to help our clients implement SAP software more effectively and quickly. We do so by offering:

Change Management: We’ll help guide your team through the process of changing from one system to the next, with training services and organizational updates designed to make the transition as easy as possible.

Process Management: Software can have as much of an impact on your processes as any other resources in your business, so updating your processes to fit your new ERP solution is essential. We’ll revise your workflows to make the most of your new software’s capabilities and functions, so you get maximum return on investment.

Technical Support: Our IT professionals are well-versed in ERP implementation methodologies and can help your organization customize your new solution to fit your business. We can also recommend additional apps and add-ons to maximize your business functions.

Our methods are technology-agnostic, meaning we’ll work with your system regardless of the software and platform you use. This means anyone can benefit from our ERP implementation consulting services.

Benefits of In Touch ERP implementation services

In Touch offers a comprehensive system for ERP implementation and support that has helped several businesses achieve more with their ERP solutions. Our services are designed to help companies work better by improving their infrastructure from the ground up, including their ERP solutions, using industry-accepted best practices.

Our methods are so effective, in fact, that businesses who have used our services have experienced benefits like:

  • Greater functionality and optimized response time
  • Easier data management
  • Easier system maintenance and support
  • Clearer communication and subsequent buy-in from all levels of organization
  • Users prepared to use new system efficiently in their daily job functions

What’s more, In Touch’s services come with expertise only In Touch can provide. All our team members are highly trained and experienced in business solutions and know the best ways to get results for your organization. We’ll use our extensive resources and training in 42 business IT best practices to develop a unique solution custom-fit to your organization, resulting in long-term benefits for your business processes.


Start working toward greater functionality today by working with one of the best ERP implementation consulting firms in Dubai. Contact In Touch today to speak with us about our solutions and how they can benefit your business’s IT systems.