Techical Writing

Make your company better by investing in your employees with customized management training in technical writing from In Touch Project Management Services that fits your business as well as your staff.

Management training services

With expert resources in training development and delivery, In Touch can provide an assortment of training options to meet the needs of your organization. We maintain fully developed, off-the-shelf training solutions that can be customized to your needs or we can work with you to develop fully customized training in technical writing. 

Additionally, we offer a variety of delivery options including, but not limited to:

Traditional Stand-Up Classroom Training: Larger-scale classroom settings can be an ideal setup for companies looking to onboard larger groups of new management or update existing managers on new policies or training adjustments.

Online Training: Online training can be extremely convenient for multi-location corporations looking to train managers consistently without sending trainers across the country.

Train-the-Trainer: For long-term solutions, having a trainer in-house can be ideal — especially for training reviews and onboarding processes. In Touch can help by offering train-the-trainer programs.

One-on-One Mentoring: Some managers require more specific training and direction for their positions in your company, which In Touch addresses with one-on-one mentoring.

Small Group Session: If your business needs smaller-scale training sessions for management groups, that can be arranged. These sessions are also ideal for teambuilding exercises.

Self-Guided Training Modules: At times, training doesn’t need to occur immediately. Instead, training can take place at a self-determined pace, allowing managers to pick and choose which subjects to focus on. Make this possible with self-guided training modules set up by In Touch.

Our variety of standard courses and coursework resources are selected based on industry recognition and customer demand. We are skilled at customizing coursework to your company’s specific requirements and can assist your organization in determining the courses or certifications that best meet your needs.

Benefits of in Touch's management training

Investing in your most valuable asset — the employee — is critical for long-term business success. That’s why In Touch develops a broad range of professional training services led by high-quality consultants. Professional education helps companies accomplish several things in technical writing:

  • Morale: Effective training directly impacts the morale of a company, giving management the confidence in their abilities they need to manage effectively while giving employees more confidence in their leadership. This training can also be passed down to employees, improving company performance.

  • Team Building: Classrooms create a unifying experience for disparate groups of people by allowing them to work together toward a common goal. This can promote team-building down the line as well as general team cohesiveness, leading to improved productivity.

  • Change Integration: Training is one of the best ways to handle change within a company. It gives business leaders the knowledge and strategies they need to implement the changes in their organization. This helps improve change implementation overall.

These benefits are enhanced by our commitment to providing highly trained training consultants. We feel that with this education, In Touch consultants are equipped to handle project challenges and provide effective solutions to our clients.


Improve your management training processes with one of the best professional management training consulting firms in Dubai ! Contact In Touch today to speak with us about our training options and what they can accomplish for your business.