Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves long-term thinking for organizations, determining the primary goals for the business over the next year or so. Instead of focusing on a single product or business segment, this type of planning looks at an entire organization and its progress toward a goal. In Touch helps with this planning process offering strategic planning services for small businesses, healthcare organizations and government entities alike.

Professional strategic planning services

The ways strategic planning can help differs based on the business’s situation. The purpose of the exercise, the age of the organization and the business market in which the organization operates all play a role in the extent and content of these services. Such factors can influence aspects like the frequency of meetings — for example, organizations working a rapidly changing field may require these type of planning sessions twice per year.

These strategic planning consulting sessions often occur in three parts:

Assessment: Determining how a business currently functions is the best way to start the strategic planning process, including every aspect of the business in the analysis.

Planning: This is the goal-setting part of the process, where the vision of the business is clarified, especially considering information brought up by the assessment step.

Execution: Finally, a quantifiable and realistic plan is set up using the information gathered from the assessment and planning sessions.

This process allows In Touch to help businesses work toward realistic goals and successfully plan for the future.

Benefits of in touch's strategic planning services

In Touch’s strategic planning process helps organizations clarify their goals and start the process of working toward those goals in a meaningful manner. With our comprehensive methodology, businesses can benefit from:

Defined Goals: By clearly defining the organization’s purpose, a business can more easily set goals and objectives to fulfill that purpose. This also allows businesses to define timeframes for implementation and ensure the organization’s resources are being used in a manner that benefits the company in the long run.

Improved Communication: With clearly defined goals, companies establish a base level of understanding for their employees. Instead of nebulous ideas and ill-defined goals, employees can work with concrete objectives that are easy to quantify and understand. It also provides a basis for performance assessments, which can help motivate employees toward increased productivity. We communicate those goals and objectives to the organization’s constituents.

Increased Satisfaction: The strategic planning process takes everyone’s opinions into consideration when defining the status and goals of an organization. When it is 21 finished, it results in defined goals for everyone involved. These two factors boost employee satisfaction immensely, as they increase the employees’ sense of agency and collaboration within the organization.

These benefits are enhanced by the high-quality resources and best-practice solutions In Touch brings to the table. With personalized, hands-on approaches, In Touch guarantees unique solutions for every business, eliciting the best results possible in both the short and long-term.


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